In Surat, the Chamber organized a meeting with the industrialists on The big investment opportunity for the industries in Dholera.

Steel, automobile, aeronautical, information technology, apparel and agro-based industries sectors specified for investment in Dholera.

Surat South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry in association with Dholera Industrial City Development Limited on Wednesday organized a meeting with industrialists on ‘Exploring Investment Opportunities in Dholera’ at Samridhi, Nanpura, Surat. In which Dilip Brahmbhatt, General Manager – Commercial – Corporate and HR, Dholera Industrial City Development Ltd. encouraged entrepreneurs to invest in various industries.

Sharing information about the development of Dholera

Chamber President Ashish Gujrati said that Surat has developed into an industrial city, while Dholera is a very good place for relocating engineering, chemical, plastic and fertilizer industries. In Dholera, good progress is being made in the direction of investment in auto ancillary and renewable energy. A huge solar park is being built there. The National Defence University is coming there. With transportation efficiency and digitization and innovation happening, there is a good opportunity for industries to move to Dholera.

Industrialists will also get road, port and air connectivity for export of their products in future. Expressway is being prepared between Ahmedabad to Dholera. So that Dholera can be reached from Ahmedabad in fifty-five minutes instead of two hours. Nearby are the ports of Bhavnagar and Pipavav and at a distance of 200 kms Kandla and at a distance of 350 kms are the Mundra ports. From where the industrialists can take the goods. Efforts are being made to build an airport in Dholera also. Apart from this, 32 km long rail line from Bhimnath to Dholera will be next.

Presently plots ranging from one acre to 350 acres are being allotted for industrial units in Dholera. However, Dholera will also be developed as a smart city. The total area of ​​920 square kilometer will be equipped with all basic needs of citizens, educational and medical facilities along with development of infrastructure. The development in Dholera will be done under the Gujarat Town Planning Framework. Talking about Dholera of Gujarat, a bigger area is going to be developed than Singapore. Chamber’s group chairman Bhavesh T.

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