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TATA to start India’s Biggest Lithium-Ion Battery Plant in Dholera to compete with Chinese,

TATA Chemical is expected to start building a manufacturing facility for lithium-ion batteries in Gujarat, said the people cited above. The Tata group company is likely to seek incentives under the PLI scheme and may also export cells from India, the people said, adding that the company has acquired land for the planned facility in the Dholera region of Gujarat.

TATA to start India's Biggest Lithium-Ion Battery Plant in Dholera SIR

Automotive and industrial battery makers like Exide may additionally diversify into lithium-ion cell producing Companies area unit fast plans to provide lithium-ion cells within the country, hoping to require advantage of ₹18,000 large integer value of presidency subsidies proclaimed last month, 2 individuals directly attentive to the developments same.

The production-linked incentive (PLI) theme proclaimed by the Union government might spur these firms to begin native producing of lithium-ion cells within the next few years, the individuals same, requesting obscurity.

Tata Chemicals Ltd is probably going to before long begin building a producing facility for lithium-ion cells in Gujarat, same the individuals cited higher than. The Tata cluster company is probably going to hunt incentives underneath the PLI theme and will additionally export cells from Bharat, the individuals same, adding that the corporate has non heritable land for the projected facility within the Dholera Smart City region of Gujarat.

Tata Chemicals has revived the producing plans when a delay caused by the pandemic, one in every of the 2 individuals cited higher than same.

Tata Chemical has its own li-ion production project. the corporate, beside different makers, was looking ahead to the government to come back out with the PLI theme since it absolutely was within the works for a few time currently. They are expected to hunt incentives underneath the theme similar to a number of the opposite makers,” the person same.

A voice for Tata Chemicals didn’t answer emailed queries sent on Mon.

Lithium-ion cells area unit thought of the guts of electrical vehicles, however Bharat still doesn’t have any producing capability for such product. Currently, most of the electrical vehicle manufacturers import li-ion batteries from China, the world’s manufacturer of li-ion cells.


The person same automotive and industrial battery makers like Exide Batteries and Amara Raja may additionally diversify into lithium-ion cell producing to qualify for the PLI theme. “Most of those producers have already shared their plans to tempt into lithium-ion battery producing in Bharat and therefore the PLI theme will certainly propel them to induce into cell producing within the returning years. Most makers with plans to induce into this new sector were looking ahead to the govt to come back up with this theme,” the person same.

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