Ahmedabad-Dholera Express Highway to start soon
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3500 crore Ahmedabad-Dholera Express Highway to start soon, to be completed in 24 months

110 km forlane highway will be ready to collide with Ahmedabad-Vadodara Express Highway, land acquisition work completed

The work of Ahmedabad-Dholera Express Highway is planned to be completed in two years. Work on this project will begin soon. Land acquisition, which was a complex task for this highway, has been completed. This highway will be forlane.

Ahmedabad-Dholera Express Highway to start soon
Ahmedabad-Dholera Express Highway to start soon

construction highway work of dholera

The express highway cost Rs 3,500 crore

The total cost of the four phases for the Dholera Express Highway is estimated at Rs 3,500 crore. The project cost is Rs 774.53 crore in the first package, Rs 913.77 crore in the second package, Rs 946.55 crore in the third package and Rs 932.32 crore in the fourth package. Several companies, including Sadbhav Engineering, have taken interest in the bid.

The 110 km Charlene Express will be completed in 2 years

Out of 1000 MW in Dholera, work has been approved for 700 MW solar project. Work on the Rs 8,500 crore power generation and express highway project will be started. The 110-kilometer Charlene Expressway is expected to be completed in 18 to 24 months. The tender process for the operation of this Express Highway and Dholera Special Investment Region has been completed. This highway has more advanced features than other highways.

162 hectares of land around Dholera was acquired from farmers

As per the decision of the Ministry of National Highways and Transport of the Government of India, this express highway is being built between Dholera and Ahmedabad, connecting the two smart cities. The Dholera-Ahmedabad Express Highway has also been included in the Bharatmala and Economic Corridor, a vital project of the Government of India. It may be mentioned that 162 hectares of land around Ahmedabad and Dholera have been acquired from farmers for this highway.

The value of the property in Dholera Smart City is very low as it is currently being built (2020), development has started with enthusiasm and it may be a little difficult to invest the property here after a while.

I think it is sound Interesting? right!!! So it is right time to invest in dholera smart city if you are thinking about investment.

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