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Let’s start by discussing what Warren Buffet once quoted – “ Investing is laying out money now to get more money back in future”, and Dholera looks to be the best available option to every investor of the 2020 Era. A city in the process of being developed as the world-class smart city brings about immense potential and scope to embrace itself as the best investment of future India.

Dholera Smart City

Dholera Smart City

Property prices in this vibrant city of Gujarat are increasing at a rapid pace every coming year and is only expected to go up in the future due to the increasing popularity of the place. Experienced property investors know that this futuristic city is going to be world-class in terms of its infrastructure, development and a lot more, so they don’t want to miss on this golden opportunity to buy property at these affordable rates here before it same gets heavy on their pockets. Now, what makes this deal so irresistible:



The Dholera International Airport is a part of the Dholera Special Investment Region, located at a distance of 100 kilometres southwest of Ahmedabad. Once fully operational is likely to have an annual capacity of 50 million passengers.

Greenfield international airport

Greenfield International Airport

The Dholera Airport will be built on 1700 acres of land, 29 km from Dholera and 80 km from Ahmedabad which is being built with the aim of de-congesting the Ahmedabad airport. This airport is expected to have two huge runways on it – with a passenger capacity of 30 and 20 million passengers per annum respectively. For the infrastructure development at Dholera SIR including the Dholera International Airport, the state government of Gujarat would be investing Rs 20,000 crore. If  you are think about investment than it is best choice for future there will be lots of residential plots scheme in near Dholera Airport.


For its bi-annual investors’ summit, Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit (VGGS), the Gujarat government will have Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) as the key attraction for the industries and residential projects. Earlier, international players such as Lockheed Martin and Airbus had expressed their eagerness to set up operations at Dholera SIR, which will be developed on a total area of 422 sq km, of which

business hub in dholera

Global Business Hub

initially, about 22.59 sq km area is identified as activation area. Country’s first ‘Platinum’ tag city Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Dholera will use clean energy sources and also recycle solid waste. With steps taken towards sustainability and modern touch, Dholera will turn out to be a Global Business Hub. Moreover, with Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor being developed it gives different growth prospects and with all the 3 essential that is Land (DMIC), Air (Dholera International Airport) and Seaports it opens up a vast opportunity for future business development and trade with ease of doing business.


ABCD building at dholera

ABCD Building

ABCD does not just form initial for alphabets, these are initials of a brighter future, towards a wholesome investment. The Administrative Cum Business Centre (ABCD) for Dholera is the Central admin office of Dholera Smart City. It is located such that, it is visible from the expressway and is close to the area which will be first developed within the overall DSIR. The ABCD site is directly connected to the 55m arterial road which leads to the expressway. The site will accommodate the offices of the development agencies along with a command and control centre and a skill development centre in a total built-up area of 36,000sqm.


So, what is Dig Free City? The everyday chaos faced in the metro cities due to digging for the installation of various pipes and drainage isn’t a hurdle to stop you from investing in Dholera anymore. Platinum Rated Dig Free city or Plug and Play City Dholera, has all your problems sorted at least for the next 5 decades and counting. All the Water, Gas, Power, Sewer or industrial effluent lines are being installed underground for the free flow and hassle-free experience of the residents and corporate of this supersonic world-class smart city, which ends up giving you no reason for not having a WOW factor, towards its ultra-advanced development.

As we started this with a Warren Buffet Quote lets conclude with on “ You can’t Make a Good Deal with a Bad Person”. Visit us and lets us assist you with all your queries and doubts. Make your best deal, with a Good Person.


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