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Dholera not just a simple town, but a foresighted project of the honorable prime minister which he dreamt of long back in the year 2013, a vision towards building the world class smart city and still holding in them the essence of India. Creating the hub of global investment and development and still sustaining our culture and heritage within it. That is where Dholera, Gujarat created its mark. Not just within the mind of the our prime minister, but within the hearts of those successful investors who dream of working in a smart city with all the needed facilities and amenities near them so that they can work for the development of there business from the most advanced, well developed and connected cities of all time.Which gave birth to the concept of Rurbanisation – Urban Feel with Rural Soul.

Gujarat Dholera Smart City

Gujarat Dholera Smart City

Dholera Special Investment Region:
Dholera Sir will be the building block of Global Gujarat, correctly stated by Prime minister Modi. Spanning approximately 920 sq.km, is envisioned to be a bigger city than Ahmedabad. It is strategically located between the industrial cities of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. Dholera Industrial City which is not just working towards renewable energy and sustainability but is also working towards low carbon footprints. It has its own self sustaining Eco-System, consisting of its own economic drivers through industrialization, Utility and logistics infrastructure, Social infrastructure including education, health care and other public amenities.

With Gujarat Trade Center establishing its presence here, Dholera will be the future Hub of Trade in Gujarat, along with Multi model transport systems, offices, malls, hotels so on and so forth, which will provide Supporting Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridors, expressways, Sea Ports and Dholera Airport.

The Dholera International Airport which has already received its Environment and Site clearance is expected to be the New Age Airport, with connecting and direct flights to various parts of the world giving access to smooth trade. Availing Plots in Dholera sir is a Golden Opportunity for all the national and multinational companies considering the high returns which the town is getting ready to provide you with.

Dholera Smart City:
Who doesn’t want to live in the smart city? Dholera smart city is even coming up with Residential Plots in Dholera SIR. Affordable housing projects given you the opportunity to invest with us in Dholera SIR Residential Plots, the fastest developing city of India, that has huge reservoir of fresh water from Kalapsara dam which will increase water tourism and entertainment, power distribution from Torrent power limited. It is also coming up with most Advanced Metro Stations, Sports Facilities, Gold Courses and Super Speciality Hospitals and Universities, the list is endless. Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide you family and children the best of the both the world, and the best is here at Dholera.

Dholera will be developed better than Delhi and six times bigger than Shanghai”, Modi This is your time to invest on the first smart city with us, to learn more about Dholera Smart City Plot Prices, the best schemes, offers and much more visit us a one stop destination for all your queries and deals. Grab the opportunity fast.

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