At Dholera, 95km from Ahmedabad city, registration of sale deeds for land are breaking records after a two year during the Covid pandemic. Compared to 2014, stamp duty income in 2022 has risen almost five times according to the Dholera sub-registrar’s office, with a surge in registrations in 2021 and 2022. Since 2014, some 15,000 sale deed documents have been registered, bringing in revenue of Rs 81 crore. Rs 30 crore of this has come in the last two years.

Dholera sale deeds hit record numbers this year Ahmedabad

 A large part of Dholera taluka, almost 920 sq km, is under the Special Investment Region (SIR) Act of 2009. Revenue officials say between 2010 and 2014, the taluka witnessed 400 to 500 sale deeds a year, rising to 742 in 2014.  In 2015, the subregistrar’s office registered 1,926 sale deeds and collected Rs 6.68 crore in stamp duty and Rs 1.08 crore in registration fees. In 2020, the number of sale deeds reduced due to the Covid pandemic to about 1,158, bringing in Rs 4.73 crore in stamp duty. However, in the last two years, Dholera has been booming lots of plot sale in dholera. So dholera is best investment region for best investment option compare to other investment options like gold, trading etc. so if you are smart investor than you should invest before city developed. For better return always investor forecast the value asset which hand been investing.

If you don’t know than let you tell you latest dholera news updates of july 2022.

Cabinet approves Development of PhaseI of New Greenfield Airport at Dholera:

Cabinet approves Development of PhaseI of New Greenfield Airport at Dholera

Govt announced a policy for the production of semiconductors in Dholera

Gujarat to announced policy for the Semicon City at Dholera

In 2021, a record breaking 2,484 sale Dastavej (plot registry) were registered in the government Rs 11.39 crore in stamp duty and Rs 2.19 crore in registration fees. In 2022 till July, there have been 2.162 sale deeds registered for Rs 14 crore in stamp duty and Rs 2.75 crore in registration fees. According news sources in the revenue department, the state government had set the jantri rates in 2011 and there has been no revision since then.

For the two years after the Dholera special industrial zone (SIR) was announced in January 2017, nearly 1,000 farmers sold their farmland there at a commercial rate of Rs 6.5 per sq yard or an average of about Rs 5 lakh per acre. The government gave them one point for an acre and the difference was auctioned by Dholera Sugar Co-operative Ltd (DSCL). After court stays, transacting stopped and prices fell to a low of around Rs 4 lakh per acre. By late March 2019, only 19 acres were reportedly sold at up to 85% of commercial rates. Farmers who were forced out by SIR restrictions on crops depended on tussle between DSCL and Gujarat Real Estate Development Corp Ltd (GREDCO) to sell their land while they were still under lease.

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