01Industries in dholera

Industries In Dholera

Dholera is an upcoming smart city in the state of Gujarat, India. The city is being developed by the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project.

Dholera is located between Delhi and Mumbai and will be well-connected to both cities via road, rail and air. The Dholera Smart City will offer a variety of benefits to industries, including a large catchment area and a profitable business environment.

After developing the Dholera Smart City there will be a very good opportunity for industries in Dholera. This will be one of the largest cities in India. So the industries in Dholera will be grown like a jet.

Dholera is an ideal location for industries in a variety of sectors, including Real Estate & Infrastructure, Agro & Food Processing, Metal & Heavy Engineering, Electronics & Automobile, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, and Solar & Renewable Power. Many popular and successful companies like Tata Group have already shown interest in Dholera.

1Real Estate & Infrastructure

Real Estate & Infrastructure

The real estate industry is one of the most grown and difficult industries in the world. You will be surprised to know that there is more than 1 lakh (small, medium, and big) Real Estate Companies are there in India. So there is a very good opportunity for Real Estate & Infrastructure Industry.
2Agro & Food

Agro & Food Processing

Dholera Smart City will be a great chance for the Agro & Food Processing Industry. As per we know there will be a dedicated Food Park. So there is a good scope for Agro & Food Processing. The Dholera will create 1 Million+ job opportunities.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Many countries are served by Indian pharma exports. This industry has contributed so much to India’s Economy. This will also get an opportunity when the Dholera Smart City will be developed.
3Metal (Steel)

Metal & Heavy Engineering

The metal and heavy engineering industry is one of the major contributors to the economy of India. The Dholera will be the ideal location for the industry after development.
6Solar & Renewable

Solar & Renewable Power

This industry will also be profitable in Dholera. For your kind information, there will be a Solar Park in the Dholera Smart City. This will help to generate enough power from the natural source. The Dholera Solar Park was approved by the Chief Minister of Gujarat in April 2018.

Electronics & Automobile

This industry has been growing day by day. India has some of the most famous and successful Automobile Companies like Tata Motors, Mahindra, Royal Enfield, Kerala Automobiles Limited, etc.

You will be surprised to know that the Automobile industry contributes 7.1% of India’s GDP. According to Investindia, the production of electronics in India is INR 640,810 crore and India’s electronic market is $118 Billion. So you can imagine how big this industry is. The Dholera will be a great opportunity for the Electronics and Automobile Industries. This smart city will help to grow this industry more.



After developing the smart city, people can live there by buying houses or renting houses for them. People will get affordable houses. They will get a clean and modern place for them. They will have Airport, Hospital, and much more around them.


Students are the future of a country. The country should take care of the students by providing them with the best opportunities. The Dholera smart city will give them a clean area with many facilities which will help them to grow. Students will get an affordable education.


Tourism also plays a role in India’s Economy. After developing the Dholera City tourist can come and visit. They can easily travel because of the Dholera International Airport. The tourism industry will also see growth after the development of the smart city.

Adventure Hub

The smart city will create an opportunity for adventure lovers. There will be so many things to enjoy in Dholera Smart City so its best option for invest in dholera.

Dholera Digital Ecosystem

01Next Gen. Infrastructure

Next Gen. Infrastructure

1City Connectivity

City Connectivity Infrastructure

This project will make it easy to connect cities. The Dholera will be well-connected with cities via road, rail, and air. There are airports, railways, and monorails which will play a role in the City Connectivity Infrastructure.

City Digital Infrastructure

Dholera is a village in India and this will be a smart city after some years. So you can imagine how digital technologies will be there. It will have a Digital Infrastructure which can take India to a fully developed country.
3City Digital Security

City Digital Security Infrastructure

Security is a must in everything. And as per we know there will be top-level security to ensure people’s security. This smart city will be one of the safest cities in India.
1Safety, Security

Safety, Security Environment

The Dholera Smart City will be the safest and most secure smart city in India after development. There will be a secure environment that will make people feel safe. It will be a smart, digital, safe & secure city.

Energy and Utilities

As I told you above, there will be a solar park in the smart city of Dholera. This is a very important step, that will be beneficial to the country. Generating power and energy from Renewable energies are the future. And this smart city is taking the steps to use this renewable energy in a great way.


People can have healthcare at an affordable rate in the smart city. The smart city will be a clean city which is a great step for people’s health. The smart city will ensure a healthy society for the people who are living there.


There will be a good transportation system in the Dholera Smart City. There is India’s first greenfield dholera airport that will be Asia’s Biggest International Airport. There will be the biggest Metro Rail, Biggest 10-Lane Express Highway which will ensure a good transportation system and connectivity in cities.
01Smart services at dholera

Smart Services at Dholera

01invest in dholera

Invest in Dholera

1Asias Biggest Airport

Asia's Biggest International Airport

The Dholera Greenfield Airport will be Asia’s Biggest International Airport. This will be India’s first passenger and cargo-based airport. This will create many opportunities for investment in dholera for the country and its people.

Biggest Metro Rail

There will be a metro rail in the smart city that is can carry approximately 80,000 passengers per hour. Did you shock by the numbers? This will take India a step ahead to a fully developed country.

Biggest 10 Lane Express Highway

This will be a great connect way for the people. There will be a 10-lane, 250 meters express highway in Dholera. This will make a change in the future after developing this smart city.

Largest Sea Port

There is a plan to create a seaport in Dholera, which can handle approximately 4 million tonnes of cargo, containers, etc. This will create job opportunities and also it will be an important part of India’s development.

Sea Link

Dholera will be connected with other cities in many ways like metro rail, express highway, and airport. It will also connect with other cities through the water. Dholera Smart City is India’s first planned smart city. It will also connect with other cities by the sea.

Largest BRTS

Bus Rapid Transit System is the full form of BRTS. It means a high-volume transport system by buses. After developing the smart city there will be so many facilities to get.
Dream Project of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

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