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Dholera Special Investment Region

Dholera Special Investment Region

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The SIR will broadly comprise of various zones including residential, commercial, financial, manufacturing, processing, entertainment and institutional and others in addition to the world class infrastructure in terms of road, water, sanitation and other facilities. Taking into account various factors like availability of govt land, population of the affected villages, flooding in the area, proximity to Ahmadabad, closeness of ports and airport locations, a final delineation has been worked out for SIR, which comprises of 22 villages of Ahmedabad District of which 19 are of Dhanduka Taluka and 3 are of Bharvala taluka. An area of around 872 Sq. Kms. Will be delineated as the SIR area. However, actual urban development of SIR area would be approximately 500 Sq. Kms (50000 Hectares).

Project vision

To develop Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) as global manufacturing and trading hub i.e. “The engine for economic resurgence of the country” this is supported by world class infrastructure.

“The Development Plan, taking into account the DMIC objectives and goals, should focus towards creating and enabling environment to protect local industries, enhance investment climate, improve quality of life, upgrade human skills, create world class infrastructure and attract global investment”.

Project goals are to double the employments potential, triple industrial output and quadruple exports from the region in next five years.

Dholera SIR

Current Status

Three Giant Companies which are the Anchor Tenants are going to invest a huge big amount in Dholera SIR.
These companies are :-
1) M/s. Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) investing Rs. 30,000 Crore
2) Shabbir Bhatia – Nano City is investing Rs. 30,000 Crore and
3) M/s. Universal Success Group, a Singapore based company is investing Rs. 40,000 Crore.

i.e. in total investment of around 1 lakh crore is being done by these three companies and they are on the verge of starting the execution of their projects and investments.

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