ABCD Building

ABCD Building

ABCD Building Dholera SIR

ABCD Building is an Administration and Business Center for Dholera SIR, its the Central admin office of Dholera Smart city.

All legal works and permissions will be done through a single window within this building. ABCD building will provide single window clearance.

Dholera ABCD building office will have command center for all the ICT and SCADA sensors. In short all command and controlling will be through this building.

It is been constructed in TP2 West part (Phase 1) and is located in commercial zone (KNOWLEDGE AND IT ZONE). ABCD building constructed by Cube Construction Engineering Ltd. has become the main attraction for present investors.

Administrative Cum Business Centre for Dholera Smart City

The ABCD building is located west of the expressway within the knowledge and IT land use. The site is located such that it is visible from the expressway and is located close to the area which will be first developed within the overall DSIR.

EPC for ABCD Building Contract awarded. M/s Cube Construction Engineering Ltd. is the selected bidder. Work completed on ground. The nine hectare site is strategically located within the parcel on a civic axis opening a vista towards a large green space.

The ABCD site is directly connected to the 55m arterial road which leads to the expressway. The site will accommodate the offices of the development agencies along with a command and control centre and a skill development centre in a total built-up area of 36,000sqm. The building for the Regional Development Authority (RDA) is envisaged to be a LEED GOLD rated building with facilities to accommodate the entire staff required by the RDA for Dholera Smart City.

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ABCD Building

Work Progress

abcd building entrance
abcd building parking area
abcd building auditorium
abcd building kiosk near bec
abcd parking shed
abcd building at dholera smart city
abcd building auditorium1
abcd building exterior view
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